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Places in South Sudan with DE

Search and find places in South Sudan with first letters DE.

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Alphabetical index of places in South Sudan with DE

There are 50 places in South Sudan beginning with 'DE' (in alphabetical order).
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Debalo   to   Detau
Places in South Sudan with DE
Debalo Debalo1.Upper Nile Upper Nile-
Debba Debba2.Upper Nile Upper Nile-
Debbat Abu Sarika Debbat Abu Sarika3.Upper Nile Upper Nile-
Debbat Alali Debbat Alali4.Upper Nile Upper Nile-
Debbat Asdak Debbat Asdak5.Upper Nile Upper Nile-
Debbat el Aradeib Debbat el Aradeib6.Upper Nile Upper Nile-
Debbat er Rigal Debbat er Rigal7.Upper Nile Upper Nile-
Debbat Ezzawya Debbat Ezzawya8.Upper Nile Upper Nile-
Debbat Fami Debbat Fami9.Upper Nile Upper Nile-
Debbat Korfali Debbat Korfali10.Upper Nile Upper Nile-
Debbat Kudit Debbat Kudit11.Upper Nile Upper Nile-
Debbat Lalob Debbat Lālob12.Upper Nile Upper Nile-
Debbat Megawer Debbat Megawer13.Upper Nile Upper Nile-
Debbat Nabaqaya Debbat Nabaqaya14.Upper Nile Upper Nile-
Debbat Tebeldiya Debbat Tebeldiya15.Upper Nile Upper Nile-
Debbat Wad Dakona Debbat Wad Dakona16.Upper Nile Upper Nile-
Debelo Debelo17.Upper Nile Upper Nile-
Deboro Delau Deboro Delau18.Western Equatoria Western Equatoria-
Debtong Debtong19.Jonglei Jonglei-
Debwar Debwar20.Upper Nile Upper Nile-
Dedigo Dedigo21.Upper Nile Upper Nile-
Deim Bashir Deim Bashir22.Warrap Warrap-
Deim Qenawi Deim Qenawi23.Western Bahr al Ghazal Western Bahr al Ghazal-
Deim Zubeir Deim Zubeir24.Western Bahr al Ghazal Western Bahr al Ghazal-
Deing Deing25.Warrap Warrap-
Deingo Deingo26.Upper Nile Upper Nile-
Delagit Delagit27.Northern Bahr al Ghazal Northern Bahr al Ghazal-
Delal Delal28.Upper Nile Upper Nile-
Delal Delal29.Upper Nile Upper Nile-
Delbeng Delbeng30.Lakes Lakes-
Delili Delili31.Central Equatoria Central Equatoria-
Delindi Delindi32.Western Equatoria Western Equatoria-
Delingei Delingei33.Warrap Warrap-
Dembo Dembo34.Northern Bahr al Ghazal Northern Bahr al Ghazal-
Demtemma Demtemma35.Upper Nile Upper Nile-
Dena Dena36.Unity Unity-
Denchuk Denchuk37.Upper Nile Upper Nile-
Deng Deng38.Jonglei Jonglei-
Deng Akol Deng Akol39.Unity Unity-
Deng Rial Deng Rial40.Jonglei Jonglei-
Deng Shol Deng Shol41.Jonglei Jonglei-
Denganyun Denganyun42.Upper Nile Upper Nile-
Dengdoor Dengdoor43.Jonglei Jonglei-
Denjok Denjok44.Jonglei Jonglei-
Denjok Denjok45.Jonglei Jonglei-
Dentoang Dentoang46.Upper Nile Upper Nile-
Derib Jungara Derib Jungara47.Upper Nile Upper Nile-
Derissi Derissi48.Western Equatoria Western Equatoria-
Detang Detang49.Upper Nile Upper Nile-
Detau Detau50.Upper Nile Upper Nile-

1 - 50 of 50 places